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Hi! I am Monica, and whether you are seeking to create a more fulfilling personal life, a more meaningful career, or a better life-career balance, I am here to help you.


I am a MA in Development and a certified Integral Coach, and with a holistic approach that combines integral coaching, positive psychology, psychometrics, and positive leadership techniques, I empower you with tools to create a better life and greater career and to more positively impact others. 

Either starting from an underlying leadership course or entirely through a one-to-one coaching program, I will help you to overcome your inner barriers and build the soft skills you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Wanna get rid of what is holding you back
and finally, start advancing?

Give a try to the steps below
Step 1.

Self-assess your life

Start easy with the Wheel of Life Assessment Tool. Download it for free and follow the instructions to reflect on the different aspects of your life and encounter potential stuck points.  

Step 2.

Find the right coach

Find a coach aligned with your values. The coach does not have to have your same background but should be able to put herself in your shoes. Finding a good coach will accelerate the process, will help you to encounter blind points, and will keep you accountable. 

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Step 3.

Find how do you want to work

We can basically work in two ways: 1) An 1:1 coaching program, or  2) A group course along with 1:1 coaching sessions based on the course content. Do you want to know which one is better for you? I would be happy to advise you. Let´s talk!

Find out my programs

Personalized or Groups. It is up to you!

Individual Program

Integral Coaching

One-to-one integral coaching support to explore your life in all its domains and identify blind spots and issues that may be holding you back on your personal and or professional life. 

After 6 - 10 sessions of the rhetoric exercise, reflections, and somatic practices you will be able to build the specific skills that you may need to advance and learn the basics of coaching to continue making changes in your life 

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Individual Coaching Program

Group Program


A six-week program on essential positive leadership skills to help high-skilled immigrants better face the personal and professional challenges of being in a foreign country.


ADAPT is a Toolkit for cultural adaption that combines theory, group sessions, and 1:1 coaching support to maximize application. Specific topics include personality traits, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, intercultural communication, and negotiation.

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The ADAPTA Program for groups

Why do my clients enjoy working with me?

I like to work with people aligned with my approach and values to create a good synergy together. So how do you resonate with the following...

I am gentle, but I hold you accountable

Coaching is about changes and there might be resistance, discomfort, and even pain. To go through all of that I am deeply invested to be your accountability partner and help you achieve exponential results.  


I will give you honest feedback

In our coaching, I will give you the gentle but honest feedback you may not have in your life, and that is key to unearth those blind spots that hold you back. You will experience an Aha! moment when finding these inner barriers to your potential.


I empower you for the future

In our journey, my aim is not to solve a problem, but to coach you, the person!  Looking beyond the problems and giving you tools to wake your self-coach up, you will be able to continue generating changes in your life.


I see you for who you want to be

Where you are in your professional and personal life is not what matters to me, but your essence. At coaching you, I see the person you are craving to be because there is all your potential and our real goals.

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Vinitha J.

United Nations

From India, World  citizen

I've worked with Monica as a coach. Keenly perceptive, emotionally intelligent - even gifted, Monica is memorable for her remarkable generosity of spirit in seeing the best in people, for being radically open-minded, and being highly skilled with relationship skills and conflict management. Working with her has helped me greatly with my blindspots as I expand my potential to support institutions deepen social impact. Ever grateful!

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360° Positive Leadership