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Who am I?

"Never an easy question, and the answer has changed over time."

Hi!  I am Monica 

In short, I am a skilled Colombian in Europe. A mother, a wife, a sustainability advocate, and most importantly, a woman who is continuously working on her personal growth.  To me, growth should be integral and balance is a keyword. The balance between my career and my personal life, and between my wellbeing and the world.  
What do I bring to the table?


Business acumen

With 10 years of cross-sectorial experience in Latin America and Europe  I can understand your professional challenges and goals.



I am a certified integral coach with more than five years of experience supporting professionals in achieving their personal and career goals. 



With an interdisciplinary background in Law, Economics, and Development I have lenses to see the bigger picture.


Multicultural awareness

Being an immigrant with experience in international institutions, I am aware of cultural differences and of what brings us together.


Integral approach

I believe growth should be integral to be sustainable. Therefore, in my practice, I explore your life as a whole and combine different personal and professional growth strategies.

My story

Born and raised in Colombia, in my late 20s, I moved to Switzerland. I was always curious about the world and enjoyed the beauty of this country, but starting over in a foreign land was a journey full of challenges. The language barrier, the professional uncertainty, the loneliness, and even a sense of guilt for emigrating. At one point,  my compass got broken, and my sense of worthiness was affected.  

I am a MA in International Law and Development, and in 2015 I started working as a manager of advanced master programs at the University of Bern. What I enjoyed the most about the job was the interaction with students from all over the world and the chance to support them in their professional and personal development. One day I had this Aha! moment to become a coach and continue my professional path in this direction, which aligns with my essence. 

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My impact

I am a social entrepreneur. I am committed to bringing social impact to whatever business I engage in. This is how I do my little bit with my coaching practice.

Targeted discounts

I offer discounts to catalyzers of social change in non-developed countries and to high-skilled female immigrants without a steady income.

Donate part income

I accept up to 10% of the cost of my services to be donated to the UN Refugee Agency as partial payment. 

Social mission

My aim is to contribute with my work to the sustainability of the world. Thus, I help people to grow integrally, by keeping well-being and impact in mind while advancing in their careers.

Community engagement

Together with other caring women, I am working on a project to extend our social impact beyond our regular clients. 

Who are my clients?

I usually work with high-skilled immigrants, professionals in intercultural environments and up to middle career levels, with high-skilled women seeking a work-life balance. But above any demographics,  my clients resonate with the following...

I am professionally driven but want to grow integrally.

What I mainly notice across my clients is that regardless of their roles and life experiences, they are relentlessly curious. They want to serve their communities well, they are deeply introspective and they want to grow integrally.


I am open to engaging in deep conversations.

In our coaching, we will have vulnerable conversations. I'm going to ask you hard questions that will help you reflect and reconcile the different worlds you straddle. Openness and flexibility are key to unearth the blindspots that hold you back.


I am eager to invest in my personal development.

A fruitful coaching program requires effort. Aside from the financial investment, it requires your time and energy. Commitment and constancy are essential to building the habits and capabilities you need to advance. 

Now that you know me a little, would you like to know how I can help you?

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