Is happiness a serious thing?

When I heard someone's job was about happiness.


The first time I heard someone take a professional interest in happiness was over ten years ago at a social entrepreneurship center in Zurich. At that time, I was looking for someone sympathetic to my project and wanted to join forces with like-minded people.

At the center, I connected well with a woman named Natasha – but as we discussed our entrepreneurial plans, I realized we would not become business partners. Natasha dreamt of a support group for happiness. Nothing close to what I wanted. In fact, I confess, I was disappointed because I was sure that together we could do something “bigger.”

My disbelief in happiness as a professional stemmed from the fact that the subject was outside of my academic sphere. I studied development in 2009; well-being and happiness were not part of discussions. Development was focused on basic needs, long-term public policymaking for economic growth and focus component of sustainability was almost exclusively on the environment.

It took years for international organizations to recognize and include happiness and well-being into the 17 world sustainable development goals. It took even longer to realize that my hobby was actually an extension of my studies on global development.

Now I know that Natasha had a point, and I was wrong. Today I understand that her project on happiness was evidence that she had a clear understanding of something I did not have at that time. That’s okay. Life teaches me always that lessons come in due time.

I do not doubt that today many people still do not know the importance of well-being or understand how it affects each of us. I am sure that for many, talking about happiness is a waste of time.

I believe that Covid-19 has been a warning sign of how important it is for each of us to be well and resilient. We see that alongside the virus and accompanying economic crisis, there are threats to well-being such as anxiety, burnout, depression.

Today some of us can see that just as the natural resources of the planet are threatened, the human resource is also on the verge of collapse, with humanity toiling beyond its capacity in a system that we designed to be relentless.

A few days ago, I spoke with Natasha who now hosts “The Awaken Wife” podcast. I told her that my mission is finally aligned with hers, that today I am excited to spread the word of the importance of well-being and help those who want to work for it. I am grateful for my connection to Natasha. We smiled and thanked life for its magic.

Pink Blossom

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