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1:1 Integral coaching

The personalized support to remove the inner barriers that are holding you back and advance to the life, career you are craving for
Goals and methodology
  • Integral coaching is holistic personal support that explores all the areas of your life. 

  • The program starts from a rhetoric exercise to identify your goals and the inner barriers that holds you back.

  • The goal is to build soft skills to face your inner barriers and advance.

  • Skills are built by enhancing self-awareness (from self-reflections), and by changing habits (from somatic practices) 

  • The program may combine different elements of coaching, positive psychology, and conscious leadership.

  • On average, a coaching program requires from 6 to 10 sessions of 1hr each (in Spanish or english as you wish).


​Common coaching topics​​​

> Work/life balance

>  Professional effectiveness

> Leadership effectiveness

> Resilience                             


> Professional Orientation

> Communication skills 

> Self-awareness 


> Stress management                 


> Management of transitions     

>  Personal realignment and planning    


> Relationship support and management

> Self-care and well-being   

What is the investment?

For our coaching journey together, you have two options and some discounts. Get in touch with me to assess the program that better fit your needs.


Focused-Impact Coaching

  • 3 coaching sessions

  • EUR 90 per additional session

This Plan is for you if you would like to have a brief and specific intervention.

(e.g. professional orientation, to improve near-reach goals in your personal or professional life)


In Depth    Integral Coaching

  • 7 coaching sessions

  • EUR 80 for additional session

  • GRATIS Enneagram test

This Plan is for you if you would like to engage on a deeper level and pursue meaningful change in your personal and/or professional life.

Special discounts


Coaching program
Social leaders
Get this special discount if you are a social leader and live in an emerging nation.
Invite a friend
If your friend joins the boat, you get a NEO Personality Test. Regular Price: EUR 100.
Personality test


Donate in my name (upt to 10% of the program cost) to the UN Refugee Agency here and receive a discount equal to your donation. 


Coaching program
* All services will be through Paypal. If you want to know more about payments and others, write me! I will be pleased to guiade you during the process.

Paola T.

Climate Change Activist

From Colombia, UK citizen

Monica is a game-changer. I met her when I was aiming to have a career change, I was feeling stuck. She helped me find my “blind spots” and we created a plan to address them. Three months later I was landing the job of my dreams. She was crucial in supporting me with the challenges of the transition and to strengthen my multicultural skills. I highly recommend Monica to keep yourself on track, build your long-term plan with short-term goals, and more important to keep your connection with your core values. Thanks, Moni for your support and involvement.


> Who I usually coach? 

I usually coach high-skilled immigrants in junior, middle roles and transitions. Also, high-skilled women seeking to balance career and life. However, not all of my clients are in these groups, important is we are value-aligned.

> What type of homework should I expect?

Self-reflections (think of journaling), somatic practices (think of conscious breathing), exercises (think of watching a movie)

> What kind of abilities I build during a program?

Soft skills (think of listening skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills).

> How do you use personality tests?

Personality tests give further insights and we may decide to use them or not. I work with the NEO inventory test for leadership and also use Enneagram and Human Design for further insight. 

> What I should not expect from coaching?

It is important that you know that ...

- The coach wont tell you what to do, or will do things for you.

- Coaching is not therapy and should never replace medical treatment.

- The coach is not responsible for your actions or decisions. It is you always who in your best interest work for making change happen in your life.

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