Esential  positive leadership toolkit for cultural adjustment

ADAPTA Program

An interactive online program to help high-skilled immigrants calibrate direction and power. ADAPTA is a toolbox of positive leadership strategies and personalized coaching support to help you overcome the personal and professional challenges of being in a foreign country.

With ADAPTA you will...
> Increase self-awareness. Get to know yourself better. Identify your personality traits and core values as your unique leadership tools.

Become more emotionally intelligent. Understand the benefits of emotional awareness and how to increase it along with NLP.

Discover how positive leadership other research-based practices for wellbeing can enhance your personal leadership skills.

Leverage relationships by getting a good grasp of teamwork, communication, and negotiation skills in intercultural environments.

Create your Personal Development Plan. Starting from your strengths, create a plan toward achieving your goals.​​

but above all...

ADAPTA will give you the motivation and confidence in your process of cultural adaption and provide you will the tools to start taking action into the personal or professional changes you want.


What is the investment?

Keep reading to know the regular discounts for the ADAPTA Program


ADAPTA Program

  • Six-week online course

  • Weekly group sessions

  • Six 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Enneagram personality test

  • NEO personality test

  • Additional coaching sessions EUR 80

How is ADAPTA different from an individual coaching program?

If you are a high-skilled immigrant and are trying to decide between ADAPTA or a one-to-one program, find below a comparison of the two options. Do not hesitate to get in touch for further advice.

Individual Coaching Program

Individual Coaching Program​

  1. On average from 6 to 10 sessions

  2. Suitable to anyone

  3. 1:1 sessions 

  4. Program 100% personalized, first explore your life, then create your program 

  5. Advance at your pace
  6. Homework includes self-reflections and somatic practices (e.g., meditation)
  7. The program may combine practices from integral coaching, positive psychology, mindfulness, etc

Personalized support to remove the inner barriers that are holding you back and advance to the life or career you want.


​The ADAPTA Program

  1. Six weeks interactive online course

  2. For high-skilled immigrants

  3. Live group sessions and (six) 1:1 sessions 

  4. The semi-personalized program explores your life, starting from the course content. 

  5. The group advance together 
  6. Homework includes self-reflections and somatic practices, and group work for theoretical content.
  7. The course combines thoughtful leadership, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, NLP, and others.

The ADAPTA Program

Support Group_edited.jpg

A group course on positive leadership with 1:1 coaching support for high-skilled immigrants to calibrate direction and enhance power.


Get this  discount if you are a proven social leader and live in an emerging nation or are in an unpaid work.

Social Leaders

discount on coaching program 


Get this discount if you are a skilled single mother or skilled female immigrant without a steady income.

discount on coaching program 

Donate in my name (up to 10% of the program cost) to the UN Refugee Agency here and receive a discount equal to your donation. 


up to 10%
discount on coaching program 

* Discounts not cumulative
* Payments through Paypal

Is ADAPTA for me?

The differencing element of ADAPTA is the personalized support you will receive from me in our 1:1 sessions as well as the support of a  group of like-minded people facing similar challenges as you. 


You are a high-skilled immigrant

  • Small groups between 3 max 10 participants.

  • Specific audience to enhance focused content and mutual support.


You can commit 4 hours per week

During six weeks you will participate in:

  • Online live webinars 

  • Online  live group coaching

  • Individual online coaching sessions (six)

  • NEO Personality test 


You will take further action

ADAPTA will be the start point and also, the space to write your personal action plan. From there it is time for you to take further action and start advancing toward your goals.  


Burcu A.

Corporte Senior Lawyer

From Turkey,  German Citizen

Meeting Monica was definitely the highlight of crazy 2020. The way of deep listening and supporting she offered helped me a lot on settling into a new country and culture. She is simply a very good coach. Strongly recommended


> What high-skilled means?

It is not about a specific education level but there must be some strong educational and professional driveness.

> What is the level of the course?

Essential leadership skills are transferable to professional and personal life and most useful to people up to middle career levels.

> In what language is the program offered?

In English or Spanish. The language will be chosen after each group.

> Does the program gives academic credits?

No, the program is for your personal growth and gives no credits nor is endorsed by any academic institution.

> Is the waiting list binding?

No, it is for information purposes. Once the course is open, you can freely decide if you register or not. 

Join the WAITLIST and be the first to know when the course is open 

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